• Wendy Perry

City of Entrepreneurs Tour – See Inside the Startup Scene and Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

Entrepreneurship is having a vision and confidence to create something bigger and better for the world. It is basically the art of putting your imagination into reality. In the formal sense, it is the process of converting, designing, learning, and growing a small business into bigger one. The ability and dedication to develop, organise and manage a business venture despite the challenges that you come across is the underpinning principle for entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship education is a must in this time and age where practical knowledge is the key to success. This type of education enables people to have a different perspective and indulge in creative methods of learning, nurturing unconventional talents and skills.

The City of Entrepreneurs Tour is a creative and innovative approach towards a productive future where you see entrepreneurial capabilities in action, gain new ideas and identify what you can implement in your context. There is need to encourage an entrepreneurial mindset whether it is for exploring your own business ideas, or applying an entrepreneurial approach as an employee i.e. an intrapreneur, or for social good.

City of Adelaide

Adelaide is a hot bed of entrepreneurial activity but it is often difficult to really understand what is happening, who is involved and how it relates to education. The City of Entrepreneurs Tour across Adelaide demonstrates where authentic STEM is in current and future jobs, connecting you to coworking spaces and the entrepreneurial ecosystem, introducing you to leading businesses, local and global employers, and educational institutions all developing skills for future and current jobs.

Why join the tour? Everybody talks about the future world of work but the reality is many of the skills that people need in the workplace are here NOW. You will:

• Gain an understanding of the importance of building adaptability as jobs and careers continue to change;

• Get a perspective on what it takes to become a desirable, highly 'sought after’ employee or entrepreneur, with an understanding of future employer and workforce requirements; and

• Learn why 21st Century capabilities such as Communication and Influence, Digital and Social, Learning and Mastery, Intelligence and Imagination and 21st Century STEM and Entrepreneurship are important for future job success whatever the pathway chosen.

Who is it for? Educators from Primary and High Schools, Vocational Education and Training (VET) or Higher Education organisations; Career Counsellors and Practitioners; Employment Service Providers and Youth Organisations; Economic Development and Industry representatives; Entrepreneurs and Startups.

Who is involved? Meet entrepreneurs, business and industry leaders, corporates and government agencies, mentors, startups and coworking spaces. See inside the South Australian entrepreneurial ecosystem including social capital initiatives, pick up on the language and explore potential partnerships for projects and real world problem solving.

What will you see?

• Coworking spaces and startups

• Pathways, programs and options

• Entrepreneurs, Intrapreneurs & Social Innovators

• Real World Problems and Solutions

• Future jobs and 21st Century capabilities

• STEM in action

If you are interested in enhancing your entrepreneurial experience that includes the best elements from Australia and stand out ideas from other countries, contact Wendy Perry, Managing Director, Workforce Blue Print via wendy@workforceblueprint.com.au.


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