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Entrepreneurship Facilitator Services for Western Adelaide

Thinking about starting your own business?

If you have a business idea or want some help to get your business off the ground Wendy Perry, the local Entrepreneurship Facilitator may be able to help you.

Entrepreneurship Facilitators are a free service funded by the Australian Government to encourage people to start their own business. Starting your own business is a great way to create your own job.

How can an Entrepreneurship Facilitator help?

You can receive support ranging from general advice about starting and running a business to tailored mentoring and assistance.

Activities over 2019-2020 include:

● Behind the Scenes/Innovation/Entrepreneurial Venture Tours inside the region

● Challenges with entrepreneurial outcomes working with major industry players that will encourage startups to develop new products and services

● Events run by others and the Entrepreneurship Facilitation Service for startups and existing businesses on topics and with guest speakers or site visits that are of interest including Hot Product Pitch events for those exploring physical products to find manufacturers, investors or supporters

● Exposure to international delegations where relevant

● Ideation and information sessions about the program and uncovering problems to solve with possible solutions

● Intensive `growth hack' sessions to move businesses and startups to the next level quickly with customer validation of new products and services

● One on one coaching & mentoring via face to face, phone and online with reach into a mentoring network call ‘A Friend Like You’ and business model canvas/lean startup assessments and evaluation of business viability and sustainability

● Quarterly networking events & guest speakers sharing entrepreneurial stories, specific expertise and information

● Workshops on specific topics such as pitching, customer validation and sales that have been identified through training needs analysis

Who can get support from an Entrepreneurship Facilitator?

Anyone considering entrepreneurship or self-employment in an area where there is an Entrepreneurship Facilitator can access this service. In particular, Wendy Perry from Switch Start Scale encourages entrepreneurship among mature age Australians, especially those at risk of losing their job due to redundancy.

Where are Entrepreneurship Facilitators located?

Entrepreneurship Facilitators are in 23 metropolitan and regional areas across all states and territories (except the Australian Capital Territory). A list of locations is at: https://www.jobs.gov.au/entrepreneurship-facilitators.

What experience do Entrepreneurship Facilitators have?

All Entrepreneurship Facilitators have experience providing small business advice and/or starting and running their own small business. Wendy Perry is an entrepreneur and educator, innovator and leader, speaker and writer on Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Workforce Planning and Development, Vocational Education and Training (VET), International Capability and Capacity Development.

Mentoring and facilitation are strengths with Wendy working alongside entrepreneurs, founders, individuals, organisations, startups, scale ups, students and unicorn companies. Her clients include business and industry leaders, entrepreneurs and social enterprises, female founders and diverse innovators, government agencies and not for profits, mature age people who are self-employed or are looking to start up a venture, and scaleups with a local, national and international aspiration. This mentorship has taken Wendy all around Australia and the world, where she has hosted many international delegations and facilitated programs.

Wendy has experience motivating, encouraging and organising educational opportunities for entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs and innovators. Wendy is a 'go-to' person in the entrepreneurial ecosystem, open and invitational in her approach, encouraging 'what next' and leading entrepreneurs to tools, networks and resources for them to take the next step.

What does it cost?

Entrepreneurship Facilitators provide their services at no cost to you.

They might also refer you to fee-for-service support. You don’t have to accept a referral to other support services, including those that cost money. Talk to your Entrepreneurship Facilitator about your individual circumstances before you decide.

Contact Wendy Perry, Entrepreneurship Facilitator, Western Adelaide

Email: wendy@switchstartscale.com.au

Phone: 0416 150 491

Address: Suite 2, 170 Grange Road, Flinders Park SA 5025

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/switchstartscale/

Website: www.switchstartscale.com.au


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