• Wendy Perry

Get inspired by Successful Entrepreneurs at “Humble Hustle Lunch”

Humble Hustle Lunch is an initiative and recent event undertaken in Adelaide, South Australia co-hosted by Workforce BluePrint and QUT at Youth Inc. The lunch enabled guests to meet successful entrepreneurs from South Australia and Bhutan who are recipients of Australia Awards Short Course, all following their North Star.

The audience heard from young aspiring entrepreneurs such as Mercy Oloo and Letisia Odeke from Her Rise Up, Mathew D’Onofrio from Night Life First Aid, and social enterprise leader Mike Chalmers from Café outside the Square, as well as the principal and student from Youth Inc.

And some people asked, what does “hustle” mean?

“Hustle” or “The Hustle “is a very common terminology in the world of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs. The term hustling signifies ensuring that you are in a right place and at right time; being productive; creating your own opportunities; and working extremely hard to obtain results. In entrepreneurship, hustling is an art that develops with time and experience. There are certain qualities that an entrepreneur must possess to become a good hustler.

1. Exposure and Guidance: It is important to provide exposure and guidance to aspiring entrepreneurs to help them to achieve better goals by listening to the exact words and phrases that potential or current clients say about the problems they need solving.

2. Self-Confidence and Self-Belief: An entrepreneur must possess immense belief in ideas, with the flexibility to pivot and have positive approach towards the ups and downs.

3. Perception and Insight: The best kind of entrepreneur is able to demonstrate the difference that your business is going to make to the market and understanding the pains, gains and numbers.

4. Love for the Work: There is no way you can create something different unless you have deep passion for what you are creating. You will push yourself to new limits to learn, network and people will see how much you care about what you are working on.

5. Resilient and Positive: An entrepreneur isn’t overwhelmed by failures rather they use this evidence to build the next better version. You have to go through stuff that tests your resilience to develop your knowledge and practice for next time.

6. Considerate and Humble: Entrepreneurs are considerate towards the needs of the audience, valuing diversity and acknowledging the fact that you can have a big impact on society. Delivery of quality and authenticity are the important traits of a successful entrepreneur.

7. Risks: Nothing guarantees full-term success in any sphere of life but what is important for constant growth is getting up quickly from a failure and taking something good from it. A good entrepreneur never fears to take risks and is brave with the taken decisions.

To the speakers at the event, a huge thank you for all your time, kindness and willingness to meet with entrepreneurs from Bhutan.

They loved their experience in Australia, you may have seen in some of their social media posts how much they learnt and that that they are taking a piece of Australia back to Bhutan with them in their hearts including the link with you. Events and sessions were fantastic plus feedback has been outstanding.

If there were particular people in the group that you connected with it would be great to hear about how you might work together in the future, thanks again!

PS. We will be going to Bhutan in the last week of August 2019 so if you are interested in finding out more as we'll run an event whilst in Thimphu on digital marketing and growth (we also know a good travel company that can take care of you) then please let me know :)

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