• Wendy Perry

Give to Get at the Back of the Napkin Referrals Lunch

There are so many initiatives & ways to help you with your desired career, self- employment, skills & training or preferred job heading towards productivity & success.

It is important to know who is offering what, any eligibility criteria, costs & the target group or outcomes. Switch Smart Scale is demonstrating how it can work, bringing together skillful & well networked people involved in education, employment and entrepreneurship at the Back of the Napkin Lunch on 9 August 2019.

Guest were given 60 seconds to share:

Ø their ideal client referral;

Ø speak about programs & services they offer; and

Ø the methodology through which they would like to give & receive referrals.

Referrals help bring new & valuable clients to your business or program, proving to be highly beneficial in generating new business and developing loyal clients. Clients trust referrals as these provide you positive insights about services and products. Referrals and word of mouth serve as the most powerful marketing tool.

When you think of your business as a network of connections, it becomes easy to understand how referrals play a vital role in marketing strategies. Helping you gain quality customers & generate brand awareness the Back of the Napkin Lunch is an approach to help entrepreneurs & service providers expand your businesses and bring colleagues and people in your network who offer relevant support.

Have business cards ready for the next lunch and grab the opportunity to make people aware of your potential and how beneficial your programs and services will be for others.

For Switch Start Scale an ideal referral is someone with an idea for a business, Startups & Side Hustles, those who are Self Employed & Sub Contractors, Small Businesses, Scaleups and Standouts.


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