• Wendy Perry

How to Podcast Live

A podcast can be defined as "radio for your phone" or "audio-on-demand". In basic terms, it is defined as a digital audio file made accessible on the internet for downloading to a computer or mobile device.

Podcasts have gathered massive attention as they are incredibly engaging and loaded with information. Podcasting is an incredible medium to interact & establish a strong connection with your target audiences by:

· Encouraging presenters & listeners to use their imaginations

· Getting your messages out there loud & clear out there

· Building a community of people with common interests

Podcasting also allows brands to communicate to the captive audience, deliver greater engagement and showcase to hyper-targeted audiences. Entrepreneurs and experts have led the podcasting movement with many major companies & organisations now choosing to establish podcast to interact with customers & interested parties in an open-minded way. The biggest advantage of podcasting remains that it accompanies customers everywhere and facilitates addressing your listeners directly, which creates trust & transparency. It shows your authenticity & allows you to speak unfiltered without any hesitation, where brands & companies can tell their story, which further helps you to establish authority in the industry.

Running a live podcast and/or video stream is not an easy task. Podcasting requires quality content and conversation, it demands good hardware & podcast hosting. Even though your show may be running live, you will need a recorded copy to publish via a podcast RSS feed.

Understanding the fundamentals of podcasting & its effective working techniques from podcasters Steve Davis from The Adelaide Show Podcast and Talked about Marketing, David Grice CEO of Cognilitics and podcast veteran, along with Wendy Perry, Entrepreneurship Facilitator, Switch Start Scale, was the focus of the How to Podcast Live event on 24 July 2019.

Question that were explored included:

· Is podcasting the next wave of marketing communication?

· How do you start a podcast? Have you got enough time and energy to podcast?

· What focus or topics should you have? How will it help your business and profile?

· Why would people want to listen to you and/or your guests? Who can you invite as your guests?

· What equipment do you need to podcast? Where can you host a podcast for free?

· How do you stream podcasts? How do you run a live podcast?

· What are the best podcasts? Is it just a fad that will pass?

In case you don't want to run your podcast, you can work with existing podcasts and be interviewed on others shows.


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