• Wendy Perry

Switch Start Scale Program 2020

Do you want to take your idea or business to the next level?

Whether you are working on a new idea, side hustle, startup or small business there is always a long ‘to do list - it can be overwhelming and never ending. Maybe you procrastinate or spend time on tasks that don’t provide a real return and you are unsure of what to prioritise and how to get traction.

Where to focus your time, energy and efforts to get the best results and balance with all your other commitments can be confusing or unclear. Perhaps you need people to bounce your ideas with or guidance through conversations, and knowing friends are in the same boat who want to see you do well gives you support.

When you are clear about what to do then the stress is lifted and you are confident in your approach and this attracts more synergies. And when you do have structure, systems to follow and commit to goals and actions with due dates, where you and others keep you accountable then you know you’ll get stuff done.

This comes from being proactive and shifting your thinking, having a strategy and systems, knowing where your sales and revenue are coming from, and being comfortable with selling plus seizing opportunities.

Expressions of interest are open for the 9 month Switch Start Scale Program, which is for you if you are 100% committed to taking your business or idea to the next level, including Startups & Side Hustles, those who are Self Employed & Sub Contractors, and Small Businesses.

You must be prepared to:

• participate in accountability cafes (2 hours from 10.00 am – 12.00 pm on Wednesday or Thursdays at Western Adelaide cafés, council spaces and/or community centres), once a month for 9 months from February – October 2020

• undertake work related to the relevant parts of the 9 S system including actions and follow up

• follow conversation café guidelines, show respect for group members, contribute positively, and do the work

NB. The above points are in addition to one on one sessions that you book through the Entrepreneurship Facilitator Service, Switch Start Scale.

Facilitation is led by Wendy Perry, supported by Scott Perry and Switch Start Scale mentors.

Investment: valued at $9900.00 incl GST/person this program is funded through the Entrepreneurship Facilitator Service by the Department of Employment, Skills, Small and Family Business with limited places available.

Express your interest via this form with EOIs due by midnight 20.1.20.


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