• Wendy Perry

Toasting Signarama Hindmarsh’s Launch

The 10th of April 2019 marked a very special event with the launch of Signarama Hindmarsh, hosted by Preview Industries Australia, Western Adelaide standout B2B business. On April 10th, 2019, the launch event was held to officially celebrate Signarama Hindmarsh - a new business in Hindmarsh with a business shower (like a baby shower for businesses) and a special toast.

The launch was a chance not only to showcase the work done by Preview Industries, Australia (PIA) and the Patrick Brothers, but also to have a good time with special guests, suppliers, friends and new faces. This is the first ‘business shower’, supported by the Entrepreneurship Facilitator Service for Adelaide - West, Switch Start Scale, where local businesses and entrepreneurs came together to congratulate a friend who is launched a new business. The event was held with guest speakers including:

- Raymond E Taarnby, General Manager, Preview Industries Australia P/L and Signarama Hindmarsh

- Tom Carr, Partner, Oreon Partners

- Peter Graves, City of Charles Sturt

- Angela Leske, Toast the Locals

It was an evening of conversations and seeing behind the scenes with a great deal of pride for what has been achieved as people took time out of their busy schedules to come and support Signarama Hindmarsh in their new venture. Drinks (Thug Life Brewing beer, wine, soft drinks) and snacks were served in a relaxed environment whilst everyone congratulated Signarama Hindmarsh on their expansion - many thanks to each and every one of you. From the wonderful words about the work done by Switch Start Scale, to the incredible support on social media, there was so much positivity and generosity shown by people being there and prizes were won by Laetitiea Fernandez from Artistry, Alison Hutt from GC Accounting, and Tracey Tito from

Guests at the Signarama Hindmarsh Launch and the first Switch Start Scale Business Shower


Finally, starting your own business is the best way to create your own job. If you want to start a new business or want any kind of help to get your business off the ground, Wendy Perry, the local Entrepreneurship Facilitator, may be able to assist you. You can receive assistance, ranging from wide-ranging advice about starting and running a business to tailored mentoring and support.

Entrepreneurship Facilitators are a free service and they are funded by the Australian Government to support people to start their own business. You can come along to events run by Entrepreneurship Facilitation Service for startups and existing businesses on interesting topics and with guest speakers, including business showers for those people opening new businesses.

Please reach out by emailing Wendy Perry, Entrepreneurship Facilitator, Switch Start Scale, wendy@switchstartscale.com.au and we can catch up soon or feel free to book in a 1-on-1 session here: https://www.switchstartscale.com.au/services/book-a-stocktake-session/book.


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