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  • Get Stuff Done - Get Stuff Done - Produce your Capability Statement - recording

  • Get Stuff Done - 90 Day Plan Webinar - recording

  • How to have Comfortable Sales Conversations Webinar - recording

  • Get Stuff Done - Google MY Business - recording

  • Get Stuff Done - budget and sales forecast for 2020-21 - recording

  • Developing Team Cohesion with The Creative Wellbeing Experience Webinar - recording

  • Review and Reset Business and Personal Goals for 2020-21 Webinar - recording

  • Aussies and Kiwis Networking - Trans Tasman Trade and Exchange - recording

  • Get Stuff Done - brainstorm long tail key words and blog topics - recording

  • Get Stuff Done - write your enews or email update - recording

  • How to Turn Followers into Clients Webinar - recording

  • How to Build Landing Pages that Convert Webinar - recording

  • How to bring the creative and cultural vibe back to your city, town or region - recording

  • Convert Empty Spaces to Creative Entrepreneurial Coworking Hubs for Growth - recording

  • Keeping Yourself & Your Team Strong While Working at Home & Through Reintegration - recording

  • How to Seed then Sell Successfully Online Webinar - recording

  • Design Inspiration for your Space Webinar - recording

  • Businesses Ramping Up and Pivoting Positively Webinar #2 - recording

  • How to Start a Side Hustle in a Day and Keep it Going Webinar - recording

  • Become Mentally Strong & Physically Fit Webinar - recording

  • Rediscovering Growth, Opportunity & the Future When Volatility is the New Normal with Futurist Jim Carroll Webinar - recording

  • How to Pitch in Conversation, Online and via Video Webinar - recording

  • How to Rank Higher in Google Searches Using SEO, Gain Traffic and Visibility - recording

  • How to Declutter Making Time and Space for Living Webinar - recording

  • How to Reboot your Thinking - Q and A with Nick Bowditch and Wendy Perry - recording

  • How to Get Clients Without Leaving your House with Andy Harrington - recording

  • How to Maximise Facebook for Business - Groups, Lives, Pages, Reviews & Video Webinar - recording

  • How to Deal with Difficult Circumstances, Conversations and People - recording

  • Virtual Coffee Meeting - Brainstorming on your Business webinar - recording

  • How to keep your people employed and supported plus HR connection time - recording

  • How to Get the Winning Edge on that Job Virtually Webinar - recording

  • How to get Bookings, Leads and Sales Using a Chatbot Webinar - recording

  • Grants and Funding Opportunities Webinar - recording; Leanne Hill's slides; Wendy Perry's slides

  • Businesses Ramping Up and Pivoting Positively Webinar #1 - recording

  • How to Use MailChimp Effectively Webinar - recording

  • How to Get Customers Now Webinar - Q & A with Justin Herald & Wendy Perry - recording

  • How to Set Up a WooCommerce Shop for your Wordpress Website - recording; Chris Ryan's slides

  • How to Take your Programs & Services Online Using Zoom, Google & Microsoft - recording

  • How to Build Your Network and Profile on LinkedIn - recording




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Startcon – Pitch for $1 million USD competition

Small Business Relief Programs – Forbes List of Coronavirus relief programs in the US

US Aid – grant opportunities for US businesses

UK Research and Innovation – International funding opportunities to international collaboration

International Funding – American Psychological Association – Psychology grants

Global fund for Women – Flexible, core-support grants for women, girl or trans people led businesses.

International Funding Opportunities – for researchers (faculty, students and trainees)

Top Startup Pitch Competitions – Raising capital by pitching your idea to multiple investors

GlobalPitch – online showcase event aimed to connect startup ecosystems from all over the world

fundsforNGOs – top 20 global Grants and Resources for Sustainability

International Grants – businesses that provide services in another country.

Fundsnet Services – International Grants and Funders list

Global Connections Fund – initial funding support to promote Australian researchers and enterprises

Microsoft - social entrepreneurship program

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