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Just over the last fortnight there has been many posts on socials about events and sessions, grant and funding, webinars, and workshops.

So this blog is a wrap up, all in one place, of things to take notice of where you can scroll down and pick up on those links and opportunities that are relevant to you.

If you find this helpful, can you please let me know, and if you have suggestions, please send an email to, thanks.

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Stuff to do

Businesses based in the #BarossaValley #Clare and Gilbert Valleys, across the #CopperCoast#YorkePeninsula and #MidNorth #SouthAustralia… do you need to get your IT stuff sorted?

Free services to get email marketing set up or sorted, Google My Business, social media accounts, SEO and website/s working well is available with specific #digital advice sessions that are hands-on… this means that in the sessions you get the things done or fixed #getstuffdone.

You can make a time on the weekend or weekdays via this link:


City of Charles Sturt – Grants and Funding – work with our team

You can choose Wendy Perry and/or Scott Perry to work with you on your application, business, project, proposal or program.

Mentoring & facilitation are strengths, working alongside entrepreneurs, founders, governments, individuals, industry sectors, organisations, regional development agencies, startups, scaleups, students & unicorn companies.

Areas of speciality includes Entrepreneurship & Innovation; Future of Jobs, Skills & Work; Strategic Workforce Planning; and World Class Education including developing learning programs (online and face to face).  It would be hundreds if not thousands of grants, tenders, proposals, and programs that I have designed, developed and been successful in getting up for implementation.

The role in the ecosystem is as a connector and relationship builder, innovator, and leader, being able to open doors for clients locally, nationally, and internationally.

A good fit is open minded coaches and speakers, startups and entrepreneurs wanting to refine your pitch or program (face to face and online products), ensuring you are able to effectively communicate your value proposition, market opportunity, and outcomes for your clients.  For scaleups seeking funding or growth, I help fine-tune your pitch strategies to resonate with investors and stakeholders.

Inventors and experts may have groundbreaking ideas but presenting them persuasively is key to gaining support and recognition.  You will get tailored coaching, ensuring you can communicate the significance and impact of your innovations clearly and confidently.

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Turn Your Knowledge Into Learning – Online Course, Webinar &/or Workshop

Monday, Sep 04 2023 at 7.00 pm

You are probably missing out on opportunities, if you are not already turning your knowledge into online courses, webinars, and workshops.

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Take your Course, Webinar &/or Workshop & Turn it into a Microcredential

Tuesday, Sep 12 2023 at 7.00 pm

Whether you’re teaching, tutoring, learning, or assessing, Microcredential is at the forefront of global education. A must attend workshop.

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Every child’s journey is unique, yet those initial years from babyhood through to start of school are universally recognised as foundational.

Join the “How to Get a Head Start: Nurturing Early Learners Babyhood to School Start” online session on Wednesday, 13 Sep 2023, from 9:00 AM – 10:00 AM, tailored to guide you through the stages of early language and literacy development.

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The “How to Help Your Child with Their Reading: Evidence-Based Techniques” online session is happening on Monday, 25 Sep 2023, from 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM ACST.

Join in for a comprehensive 1-hour session grounded in the science of reading to explore proven techniques and strategies that will aid in both introducing young learners to the world of reading and bolstering the skills of those who might be struggling.

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  1. Could you please Vote Up this PanelPicker session for #SXSWin #Austin 2024 by clicking on this link, signing in and casting your vote? It is titled, “How to Switch On, Start & Grow an Entrepreneurial Community”, and showcases many of you with the success of entrepreneurs and founders from South Australia, over the past 4.5 years, inspiring, igniting and guiding some 14,000 people, in their quest to achieve business success.  Thank you so much – here is the link:


  1. As technology continues to evolve at an unprecedented pace, artificial intelligence (AI) has emerged as a powerful driving force behind this transformation.One of the most significant developments in AI is the concept of ‘Generative AI’, which has the potential to revolutionize numerous industries. However, this innovative technology also brings challenges in terms of workforce development and reskilling.

    This SXSW presentation will provide strategies and Case Studies learnt from Asia Pacific on how companies can successfully transition their workforce to leverage and implement generative AI.

    Please vote for, ‘Navigating Workforce Development and Generative AI’ at #SXSW2024 via this link:


Something different

Course Curriculum Design Request for Proposals: ECA/Community Solutions Program #international #opportunities

Who in the community or network might be interested in designing and building the curriculum for one or more of the following virtual, asynchronous courses that will include content for pre-recorded lessons, self-paced reading materials and resources, open discussion forums, and one live classroom session. Each virtual course is approximately 15-20 total hours of content implemented over the course of six weeks:

– Introduction to Data Analytics
– Introduction to Project Management
– Emotional Intelligence, Mental Health, and Mental Wellness
– Policy and Advocacy for Social Impact

Find out more and apply to #IREX here: