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Working alongside people switching to a business idea, startups & scaleups, standout businesses and those aiming for sustainable growth, those who are self-employed and with side hustles, and people interested in leveraging sister cities and states relationships.

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Providing services to clients who:

  • are interested in starting a business, or learning more about entrepreneurship
  • have started a business and want to see it grow
  • would like to make local, national and international connections



What services are provided?

Delivering services that include:

  • catering to the unique needs of different businesses and professionals
  • crucial resources for your business to scale up
  • fostering sustainable growth which beneficial for the long-term success of your business
  • networking opportunities that are valuable for growing your business and professional connections
  • regular updates on grants, funding opportunities, and business awards
  • unique events such as "Founders in the Forest" and "Back of The Napkin" lunches providing valuable insights and learning experiences

Club members enjoy:

  • awards, recognising and rewarding your success
  • early access to event tickets
  • exclusive newsletters
  • information on grants and funding
  • updates on business awards, conferences to speak at and attend

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Numbers Speak - Entrepreneurship Facilitator Services

1 January 2019 - 30 Jun 2023


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Learn about Wendy Perry who is the Managing Director of Workforce BluePrint, Founder at Switch Start Scale and Sea to Valley Startups; and Scott Perry, Facilitator for Switch Start Scale,


A collection of links to websites, events and other resources for the general public and industry to help you stay informed and share important messages.


Business advice, events and programs to help you, co-working and meeting spaces in Western Adelaide, export and international trade, government links and resources.


Check out the events calendar for upcoming networking events, professional development and workshops run by Switch Start Scale and ecosystem members.


If it were not for Wendy Perry our workplace wellbeing training program would not have got off the ground.  She has given us much needed clarity and direction as well as clear, authentic advice all while supporting our independence and valuing our expertise.

The perfect balance. Can't recommend this service.. and Wendy... enough.


If you have the privilege to work with Wendy, you will realise she is one of the most generous, efficient, skilful, and knowledgeable business consultants and mentor you can work with.

Wendy's mentorship and online training from her Switch Start Scale program is the best way to jump-start your business.

Thank you, Wendy, for your support and leadership.


I've been working together with Wendy now for nearly a year and in that time her help has been invaluable! She is a powerhouse and very knowledgeable about all aspects of business and just gets things done in lightning speed because the depth and breadth of her experience and knowledge is amazing.

She also has such good contacts and has helped me out in this way many times and I'm always amazed at the people she puts me in contact with.  I consider Wendy a very ethical and hard working professional.

I feel in very safe in her hands and totally supported by her services.  She is also a lovely, calm, objective and considerable person.


I lived in and travelled to many countries, met and worked with thousands of people...

never have a I met a more influential and instrumental person that changes people's lives to the better, facilities education to SMEs and business managers, connects people and makes the world a smaller more productive place, as much as Wendy Perry - hands down!

I have a lot of respect for her non-stop efforts, genuine good intentions, results and positive efficiency.


Wendy from Switch Start Scale is the most incredible coach I have ever worked with.

She is hard working and genuinely wants to help you build and grow your business. She is a powerhouse of business knowledge and her support always goes above and beyond.

Nothing is too much trouble and she always makes time for us when we need it. She assists with navigating trickier business decisions, helps direct us to support where it is needed. She has many excellent connections that have helped build our business profile.

I have worked with Wendy and Scott throughout 2020 and the support and training has helped us stay strong and resilient in trickier times.

Thank you so much Wendy, I want you to know how very grateful we are for you and all that you do for us at Tipi Lane.


Wendy Perry has been very helpful and a great mentor for myself whilst participating in the 9 month Switch Start Scale Program.
She's always enthusiastic and full of great ideas.

Before I did this, I found it very lonely at times being a sole-trader. This year I have had regular meetings with Wendy to keep me on track... as well her networking events and webinars which have given me lots of great new business contacts in Adelaide.

Thank you Wendy!


Wendy is a totally dedicated business owner who has assisted in teaching us so much over the 9 month journey and thru Covid.

Wendy was always dedicated to producing Zoom meetings that were beneficial to us all in a fun and productive/interactive way.

We thoroughly recommend Wendy and Switch Start Scale to anyone wanting to increase their business knowledge and network with a fabulous facilitator and all the wonderful participants.


I have had the pleasure of working with Wendy Perry and have gained so much value from her passionate approach, amazing ideas, connections and overall brilliance!

Thank you for all the support you have given me and all of your network.  I highly recommend Wendy's services.


Brett and I want to say thanks to Wendy and to Switch Start Scale. Wendy has been more than instrumental in getting us as a new startup on our feet and running.

Wendy impressed (and kind of and me) from day 1 with her efficiency, ability to get things done an lay out a clear strategy which is now taking us rom strength to strength and joy to joy. There's not a day we don't get up and feel so blessed to be doing what we're doing, much gratitude goes to Wendy for helping us shine in the clarity, step over the hurdles, see, seek and reach new horizons.

Thank you Wendy and team.

Sandra and Brett, Declutter Deliberately


"Thanks to you Wendy Perry! Such a difference you have made to our small business this year since we met you in February at the Small Business Fair! The support, guidance and connections have been priceless. Your energy and passion for helping small business is like nothing we've come across in our 10 year journey. You inspire, excite, pump up, guide, suggest, promote and organise small business to 'get stuff done'  ❤️ Thank you  ❤️


And having you, with all that strength, kindness, vision and creativity... and everything else Vanessa 👆🏻 just mentioned ... and that genuine heart to care too ... makes it a real honour to know you. Oh yeah, and the pragmatism. Gotta love that. ❤️ Thank you Wendy for listening when times have been tough (and helping find new direction) and of enjoying these good times with us when they roll. So glad to call you a mentor. She attracts genuine people too who genuinely want to see fellow entrepreneurs and business owners succeed. It’s a community. Good to see the Government investing their money wisely, 😊


You are a 🌟 Wendy Perry your knowledge, skills and genuine commitment to link, refer and support us is a real driver. Congratulations to you and everyone that is achieving what they have set out to do

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Entrepreneurial thinking is about recognising opportunities in the marketplace and understanding how and when to capitalise on them.  Becoming an entrepreneur is not necessarily an inherent trait.  It takes time to train yourself to use your talents and experience to see opportunities where others do not.

You might have a startup or side hustle, be self-employed or a sub-contractor, run a small business, be scaling up or seen as a standout business.

​If you are interested in business and startup support, coaching and mentoring, collaborating on events and networks, providing or gaining intros, offering products and services, programs and workshops with further info on the services please feel free to get in touch, thank you.


Switch Start Scale

25 Merrivale Drive, Happy Valley SA 5159
Ph: 08 8387 9800/+61 416 150 491

Check out Events with face to face events and webinars and latest Blogs, plus join the Side Hustle and Startup to Scaleup and Standout Meetup and the Switch Start Scale - Share Network on Facebook.

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