A Memorable Evening: Reflecting on the Inspiring Business Stories Networking Event at The Lady Daly Hotel

Last week, the City of Chales Sturt saw an insightful gathering at The Lady Daly Hotel. Coinciding with the evening England faced off against China in the FIFA Women’s World Cup Australia & New Zealand 2023™, attendees were treated to more than just a pre-game buzz.

The evening, co-hosted with the ever-energetic Wendy Perry and Scott Perry, from Switch Start Scale, with diverse presentations and stellar highlights from the speakers:

As Selma Barlow, Economic Development Coordinator from the City of Charles Sturt and Western Business Leaders aptly articulated, “We’ve witnessed incredible moments, be it with LIV Golf or the palpable energy of the FIFA Women’s World Cup Australia & New Zealand 2023™.”

Selma reflected on the myriad of economic, social, and cultural benefits underpinned by investments in sport and major events. With borders reopening, free trade agreements, and AUKUS taking the centre stage, the event highlighted the nexus between sports, business, and global opportunities.

As Selma noted, “The Brazil versus Panama match alone enthralled 11.5 million Brazilians. With Brazil’s cheer squad descending upon SA and over 900 ardent fans converging at The Gov, the atmosphere was electric.”

Nick Haslam delved into the question of how did you do that, i.e., bringing LIV Golf to City of Charles Sturt’s Grange.  Nick is the pivotal figure behind the LIV Golf’s monumental success, boasting attendance numbers over 77,000, it was a proud moment to hear firsthand how such a significant event found its home in the city.

Daniel Kirk, from The Adaptability Movement, bridged the gap between professional sports and business, offering a perspective that resonated with many.

Opportunities with #AUKUS were presented, by Wendy Perry, focusing on the scope beyond defence.

Pru Raymond from Dear Pru, unveiled her journey as a ‘knitrepreneur’, detailing her experiences in the USA and the forthcoming UK expansion.

Bianca from Zola Zola introduced us to eco-friendly pet products and explained plans for a UK launch.

Nadine Silverberg shared insights on #walkingfootball and gave a glimpse into her business, Scoffed Cooking School.

Special Guests and Acknowledgments:

Paula Ivey & Grace, from the City of Austin, brough the #sistercity essence and emphasised collaboration between Austin and Adelaide, Texas, and South Australia,

A special shoutout to Selma Barlow, MBA, Emma Grivell, and Kym Wundersitz for their unwavering support. The MEGT (Australia) Ltd team, especially Hilary Ashworth and Ja Turnbull, deserve a big thank you for always being supporters of events like these.

Scott Perry received three heartfelt cheers for his 50th birthday and the crowd thanked Mandy Collins and the team from The Lady Daly for their hospitality. A tip of the hat to Remco Albers from MILCO for capturing the event through photos and video (see the album on the Switch Start Scale Facebook page), and thanks to all the guests that came along, welcomed new friends, and reconnected with others.

Events like these serve as a reminder of the power of collective insights and collaborative spirit – until the next one, let’s continue to build, innovate, and inspire!