Back of the Napkin Lunch – Products, Experiences, Services vs Customers

With Ryan Williams, Director, Australian Centre for Business GrowthUniversity of South Australia.

Thirty-five founders and entrepreneurs joined in for lunch, and it was very clear that guests got a lot out of the event, plus made a few new friends too.

“Fabulous Switch Start Scale Back of the Napkin lunch yesterday thanks to the fantastic work of Wendy Perry & Scott Perry 🤩 Really insightful discussion about the customer journey with Ryan Williams from the Australian Centre for Business Growth 🤔 Always great to meet new people and some of my favourite familiar faces, fancy bumping into you Donna Adams! 😁”

“Best 2 hrs spent lately. Thank you for the invite.”

“Great lunch time learning and networking opportunity created by Wendy Perry and Scott Perry Switch Start Scale. Bonus lunching with Toni Everard! Thanks Ryan Williams for the robust discussion on understanding your customer and what support they want. Businesses often get distracted on creating the product / service rather than understanding who they are serving and what they want. Do you really understand your future clients?”

“A great ‘Back of the Napkin’ lunch yesterday with Ryan Williams speaking about understanding your customers’ needs and it was so great to hear Tracey Tito‘s news! Thanks to Wendy Perry and Scott Perry for organising.”

“Thank you so much for a wonderful session today!  Looking forward to participating in more events.”

“Absolutely LOVED today!!!  Thanks so much for organising, Ryan was an amazing speaker + I had some beautiful conversations with the guests seated near me.  Have just booked my spot for the Founders in the Forest – yay!”

“Thanks again Wendy…really enjoyed lunch today and the great entrepreneurs there. You and Scott are doing such great work…Adelaide is lucky to have you!”

“Lovely to catch up yesterday and thanks so much for lunch 🙂”

“Fantastic talk by Ryan, Congratulations to Team Skip for the huge announcement and hot weather kept the vibes up over lunch – thank you 🥳🤩”

“Awesome event and thanks again Wendy Perry and Scott Perry”

“Brilliant event and a great speaker. Thanks Wendy and Scott !!”

“Great event, many thanks to everyone involved 🙂”

“Great event thanks so much Wendy and Scott”

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Ryan Williams

Director, Australian Centre for Business Growth

Playford Chair for Business Growth

Australian Centre for Business Growth | UniSA Business

Yungondi Building, City West Campus, 70 North Terrace, Adelaide SA 5000

Postal Address: Australian Centre for Business Growth, University of South Australia,

IPC CWE-51, GPO Box 2471, Adelaide SA 5001

E: | M: 0434 117 255

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“Wendy and Scott are passionate about helping people and encouraging them to ‘get stuff done.”

“Switch Start Scale always run an event that is informative, interesting and on topic with the changing landscape in the business world. Networking in South Australia is esential and these guys do it well.”

“Absolutely brilliant organisation who are helping businesses across SA.”

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Thanks to Video and photos by: Allison Coles from Love it Local Australia who described the event as a fresh perspective and lively interactive discussion around captivating your target audience in the pursuit of business growth.  Check out her posts and video here.

Kind regards

Wendy and Scott Perry, Entrepreneurship Facilitators, Switch Start Scale.