How do you develop your networks and markets beyond Australia?

At the Back of the Napkin Lunch on Friday 23.6.23 – Business Markets Local, National & International, guests identified ways to connect business with markets, develop business networks and leverage existing networks (including strategies to develop stronger networks and business contacts locally, nationally and internationally), considering opportunities for your experiences, products and services.

And this was structured with 9 parts to the system (i.e., fold your napkin into 9 segments and be as creative as you can), following L for Local, N for National and I for International.  This is the system we worked through with stories and suggestions:

  • Local Networking: Building relationships within your local community can open opportunities for collaborations, partnerships, and business development.
  • Loyal Client Base: Locally, businesses can establish a strong, loyal customer base. Building trust and customer relationships can be easier at a local level.
  • Landscape Analysis: Understanding the local business environment, including competitors, trends, and customer needs, is key to maintaining a competitive edge.


  • Nationwide Reach: Expanding to a national level provides access to a larger customer base and more diverse market segments.
  • National Partnerships: Forming partnerships with other businesses on a national level can lead to shared resources, cost-saving opportunities, and increased visibility.
  • New Product/Service/Experience Expansion: The national market allows for the introduction and testing of new products to a wider, more diverse audience.


  • Import/Export Opportunities: By taking advantage of international trade agreements, businesses can gain access to new customers, suppliers, and partners.
  • Intercultural Competence: Operating internationally necessitates understanding different cultures, which can enrich a company’s ability to adapt and succeed.
  • International Supply Chains: Global operations enable access to international supply chains, which can increase efficiency and reduce costs.


Key takes aways were to:

  1. Switch up what you are doing – in terms of going to events outside of your area, industry or space; nationalise and internationalise your social media.
  2. Start paying attention to the external environment – opportunities such as trade agreements, Olympics Games and major events
  3. Scale your connections – locally, nationally and globally

And be ready for anything – like when Scott introduces the idea of Send to All from Michael McIntyre and asks you to do some instant introductions via LinkedIn on the spot with volunteers from the audience.  Always keeps you guessing!

Plus there are several must register for events, especially as we see things change in the economy and external environment so make sure you are counting yourself into these opportunities rather than out of them:

5.7.23, 6-8 pm Opportunities in Transformational Education – SA Development Professionals at The Little Red Door 182B Hindley Street Adelaide, SA 5000

18.7.23, 5.30 – 7.30 pm CX, SXSW & Sister Cities 40 Years Celebration from Adelaide SA to Austin TX at TAFE SA – Adelaide Campus

Save the date for afternoon/evening of 1.8.23 for a networking event related to the FIFA Women’s World Cup too 🙂