Local Stories, Local Pints: Propel SA at The Suburban Brew

Real Talks, Real Beers at Glynde

Wednesday night, business owners and go-getters came together for a straight-up, down-to-earth catch-up at The Suburban Brew in Glynde.

Propel SA and Workforce BluePrint/Switch Start Scale organised a laid-back after-work networking shindig, focusing on buying and supporting local through the Buy SA campaign.

From Home Brewing to Business Brewing with Tony

Our host for the evening, Tony from The Suburban Brew, kicked things off. No frills, just honest chat about going from brewing beers at home to running a joint that’s a bit too popular for its own good.

Honest Chats and Learning Bits

  • Vanessa and Jason from OrganicBox: Shared the highs and lows of running an organic business, plus a quick quiz on the difference between ‘Organic’ and ‘Australian Certified Organic’. Well done to Kat Milner for snagging the prize!
  • Coffee chats with Adrianne Skye from Extract Black Coffee Roasting Co.: Spilled the beans on mixing urban farming and coffee – a combo we didn’t know we needed until now.
  • Meaty Insights from Robyn Verrall: The force behind Bullys Meats got real about leading in Agribusiness and standing strong for gender equity.
  • Brandon Reynolds from The Yoghurt Shop: Gave us the scoop on getting a local to global yoghurt business churning smoothly.
  • Nichola Borzillo of MEGT Australia SA: Broke down how they’re supporting employers and apprentices without any jargon but in very practical ways.

Solid Bites from Drakes Supermarkets

And a shout out to Drakes Supermarkets for supplying the platters. Easy-going and tasty – exactly the kind of local grub we needed to keep the conversations flowing.

Let’s Keep This Rolling!

Wrapping it up, Mary Nizamis, Propel SA Chair, kept it sweet and short, but the chatter among business owners stretched into the evening. Genuine, no-nonsense talks about the ups and downs of running a business in SA.

“It was MEGT (Australia) Ltd pleasure sponsor this event.  A great turn out with inspirational tales from South Australian business owners.  Love it when the community comes together 😍 Ja Turnbull Hilary Ashworth Jo Murray Lisa Cama Nicole Smith Wendy Perry #PropelSA”

Missed Out? No Worries!

If you missed out on this one, don’t stress. Keep an eye out for the next event, and let’s keep backing local businesses and stories. Get on board, share your stories, and maybe pick up a few nuggets of wisdom (or a pint) along the way!