Taking your Business to the Next Level – A Program for Entrepreneurs, Founders and Startups

Many of you have been asking to access support, with a structured approach, where you get one on one help and from peers.

This program is free to Switch Start Scale clients although worth quite a bit as a gift for yourself as a founder, and for your startup or scaleup, that will have a lasting impact over several months.  Something we’ll address is your biggest struggles whether that is confidence, impostor syndrome, sales, time and/or visibility.

And we may have been working together for a while or more recently, where 2023 could be looking challenging, exciting or uncertain, and you know you need to take it to the next level. Which is why this program for entrepreneurs, founders and startups has been customised to suit the needs of clients and the emerging year, with a focus on the future.

The learning outcomes include:

  1. Identify how to connect businesses with market opportunities, use support networks and leverage existing business networks
  2. Improve your pitch and investment proposal to attract investors and/or capital
  3. Identify how to forecast sales and expenses to support growth of business and improve cashflow
  4. Understand the importance of business analyses (competitor, market, business, product) and how to respond to external challenges
  5. Analyse customers, key stakeholders and identify ways to connect business with markets, develop business networks and leverage existing networks (including strategies to develop stronger networks and business contacts locally, nationally and internationally); consider opportunities for experiences, products and services
  6. Develop business and marketing plans (analyses, strategies, operational plans, monitoring, financial management) to operate a sustainable and scalable business
  7. Understand the importance of integrated marketing communications, including social media, branding and public relations; develop strategies to utilise technology and respond to changes in technology use
  8. Identify your goals, defined by what your end game is, and the project for this program

Program components include coaching and mentoring, innovation tours, networking events (priority tickets), online sessions, pitching and webinars, workshops and presentations, growth hacks and Back of the Napkin lunches.’

The first step to be eligible for the program is to book yourself in for an initial 15 minute chat in January 2023 via this link, including ‘Taking your Business to the Next Level Program’ in the notes.

The second step to be eligible is to book yourself in for monthly, Get Stuff Done sessions from February – June 2023 i.e. 5 x 1 hour sessions, either face to face or online. All the details will be discussed in the call so please do step 1 and 2 then decide if this is for you when we chat.

If this program doesn’t sound like it is for you, no worries, you can book in when you need help and register for free events anytime.